PMx: India's Largest Product Management Expedition*, as the name suggests, is an expedition in the cosmos of Product Management.
At its core, PMx is a Product Case study competition organized by Udgam, the flagship E-Summit of IIT Guwahati to fuel the minds of young thinkers, problem solvers, and designers with the product management spirit. PMx promises to be the best gear to dive and rise in the cosmos of Product Management. The cosmos and its constituents emerge, grow, attain maturity, and eventually perish. Every product reiterates the same idea, but you see exceptions around you like Google, Meta, LinkedIn, and the likes, which refuse to perish. These companies are known to be evolving with the evolution of customer needs. At the helm of these processes are Product Managers, ever so innovative and observant, with an eye for detail and a passion for flawlessness.

Most leaders of big tech companies in the world like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Sundar Pichai, Larry Ellison were once product managers in the initial phase of their career. Do you find yourself as a visionary with out-of-the-box thinking and terrific problem-solving skills? Then PMx 2022 is the right place for you to get started.

E-Cell IIT Guwahati presents this opportunity for young visionaries, thinkers, and problem-solvers like you to showcase your killer strategy and problem-solving skills. Product Management Expedition — PMx is a Product Case Study competition organized by Udgam, the E-Summit of IIT Guwahati. PMx is the best platform for aspiring product managers and budding entrepreneurs to step into the world of products and kickstart their product journey.

Prize Worth



DISRUPT is North-East India's largest pitching competition, where budding entrepreneurs and early stage startups from all over India pitch their business plans to win cash prizes and perks.


PMx is the India's Largest* Product Management Case study competition organized to fuel the minds of young thinkers, problem solvers, and designers with the product management spirit.

Intern Fair


This Intern Fair will witness the nations' best minds contending for landing internships in some of the country's leading startups. Register your startup to hire interns from IIT Guwahati.



Are you tired of online classes and feel classrooms are too boring ? Well we help you connect to the industry specialists to teach you the art of entrepreneurship, who will blow your mind with finest business moves and foxiest marketing maneuvers.


This hackathon is intended to provide an opportunity to all budding entrepreneurs and engineers to improve their creative, technical, problem solving, and entrepreneurial selves. In this contest, participants will be provided with a real-life problem statement and they have to come up with a feasible solution.

Cosmic Clash


This year we are pleased to introduce a new event: Cosmic Clash, an esports tournament in collaboration with Noemie eSports featuring titles such as Valorant, Rocket League, BGMI & Blitz Chess. Cosmic Clash is a part of pre-UDGAM Fun Events for the entire cohort to participate in and enjoy.

Lecture Series


“Follow your passion” ,” Do what you love “ and you will be successful! This is what you will hear from people when it comes to entrepreneurship.
But do you know what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur? Hear it from them who have made it big. Learn from them and start your journey.



Can teenagers become Entrepreneurs?
Yes, they can. UDGAM brings Sparkle, the exciting pitching battle for school students. A platform where they can learn, explore and understand a lot about entrepreneurship and the art of pitching.


DFrame is a perfect blend of creativity and business relevance. We believe it will frame and develop the designer's innovative quotient by flexing their design muscle to find technical solutions whilst staying true the human-centric approach.

Panel Discussions


What better can it get than listening to industry experts deliberate over aspects of business, current market trends , scope in the future and many more topics. Join us live for such intriguing sessions.

Fun Events


Any summit would look boring without any fun in them. We at Udgam conduct many fun events like Business Quiz, Virtual Stock Market etc. This year we are also conducting E-Among Us, an Entrepreneurship Themed Among Us game; Tweet Contest; word search and many more fun games on our social media Handles!
Note: You must have UDGAM Pass.

AMA Sessions


UDGAM brings an opportunity for all the members of the community to interact with some of these prominent stalwarts of the industry and clarify their doubts through AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions!


Under NEC, representatives of different colleges will be coming together to retrospect on the events and activities held throughout the year by their respective E-Cells . There will be a discussion on how to grow the start-up culture and promote entrepreneurship to nurture budding Start-Up Cells or E-Cells in the younger members of the North-East Institute fraternity.